Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[Jamaican guitarist] Seretse Small leads 10-hour album recording [of Jazz for Hope 2011]

The 10-tracks Jazz For Hope 2011 CD, a pre-recorded studio album that preceeds the annual Jazz for Hope (United Church) concert held July 2011, is the latest production by All About Jazz guitarist and Griot Music head Seretse Small.

Jazz for Hope 2011, recorded at Harry J studio in Kingston on a 10-hour deadline, is a treasure trove of love songs, gospel jazz, jazz standards, and interpretations of Jamaican music.
Produced by Small, the made for charity CD project engaged the services of Jamaica's talented but mostly unsung musicians in saxophonist Ian Hird, vocalist Andrew Lawrence, Dale Haslam (bass guitar), Aaron Vereen (percussions), Kamla Hamilton and Kenrick Lawrence (keyboards), Obed Davis (drums)and leader Seretse Small (guitar).

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