Thursday, December 13, 2007

20 Greatest Jazz Drummers

The musicians on the list of 100 Greatest Drummers constitute all the myriad forms and interpretations of the diversity of jazz occurring today.

How would Jamaican Jazz drummers like Desi Jones, DeLeon “Jubba” White, and Akeem “Red Bull” Karam equate with the list we cannot measure since the drummers herein were chosen for their originality, versatility, impact and influence within the genre.

The criteria also took into consideration their innovations and the technical ability for improvisation & musical expression in addition to their compositional skill & creative inspiration.

The 20 Greatest Jazz Drummers, spanning the period from the first note of jazz was sounded to the present, are:

1. Buddy Rich (inset) 2. Elvin Jones 3. Max Roach 4. Roy Haynes 5. Jack DeJohnette 6. Tony Williams 7. Billy Cobham 8. Art Blakey 9. Joe Morello 10. Kenny Clarke

11. Gene Krupa 12. Dave Weckl 13. Harvey Mason 14. Peter Erskine 15. Chick Webb 16. Louis Bellson 17. Ed Blackwell 18. Bill Stewart 19. Steve Gadd 20. Papa Joe Jones

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jazzofonik said...

It's almost not worth commenting on, but i'll submit to my baser instincts:

I love Buddy Rich, and he's a great story, but #1 over not only Max Roach, but Elvin Jones AND Roy Haynes??!!!
That's enough B.S. to clog the Hoover Dam
And...Stanton Moore???!! Give me a break What of Alan Dawson, and Billy Higgins and so many others (I really only glanced at a few places, admittedly)