Friday, January 25, 2008

Anita Baker with a whole bunch o' love songs

Anita Baker said all she brought was “a whole bunch o' love songs” to Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival in Montego Bay and she dispensed it with charm, much passion. The impression is that she will leave with sweet notions of Jamaica.

“Where were you all my life”, she insisted, visibly taken aback by the riotous good response of the unusual high first night turn out. With passion and, at times, overpowered with emotions, Anita sang the crowd’s songs and they sang back to the multiply Grammy winner.

Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett and MC Richie B surprised her with a birthday cake and at the end the later concluded that “Anita Baker came, she saw, she conquered” on a first night when the Art of Jamaican music, Yerba Buena, Spyro Gyra and J.T. Taylor gave top class performances.

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