Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jamaican choir hit at World Choir Games

Nexus Performing Arts Company represented Jamaica at the 5th World Choir Games held in the Austrian city of Graz during July 9 –19. , they have returned with 4 medals and loads of memories of their European experience.

Inaugurated in Linz, Austria in 2000, these biennial games are the largest and most successful choir competition of the world. Held in Bremen, Germany (2004), Xiamen, China (2006), this year’s Graz renewal attracted over 440 ensembles, including choirs, orchestras, and folk dance ensembles, representing some 70 nations.

Nexus, under the direction of conductors Hugh Douse and Lawrence Hanif, assisted by Dr. Kathy Brown, was awarded 1 gold (Folk), 1 silver and 2 bronze medals having entered in the categories of Contemporary Music (Musica Contemporanea), Gospel & Spiritual, Popular Choral music and Folklore.

Based on this year’s registration, China, Russia, Austria and Germany brought more than 170 participating choirs while Indonesia, Hungary and Croatia together registered nearly 90 choirs. And, as the choir games were brought to a close on Saturday, July 19, the Republic of China took home, all told, 37 medals, Austria: 35, Russia: 31 and South Africa and Indonesia: 24.

Outside of competition, the Nexus group performed a number of town square impromptu concert to the delight of passerby, Graz residents, and tourists. And Dr. Kathy Brown, supported by Austrian-based Jamaican musicians, entertained at the pristine lakeside venue at the observance of Jamaica Day in Graz.

Jamaica Day, highlighting aspects of Jamaican culture and including the 'Marley meet Mozart" live music show that featured Dr. Brown, was organised by friends of Jamaica in Austria and the Mayor and Councellor of Graz.

Indeed, the slogan “Singing together brings nations together” was celebrated impressively in Graz, which city centre is one of UNESCO’s world cultural heritage sites.

The 6th World Choir Games will be staged in Shaoxing, China in 2010.

See Nexus' performances at You Tube links below


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