Monday, December 29, 2008

Dermot Hussey to resume'The Traveler'

The Traveler, Kenny Barron's latest work received master treatment by real music presenter Dermot Hussey on "the Riff" aired on Jamaica's News Talk 93 FM, weekdays at 8:35 pm. But, the journey was incomplete and Hussey promised listeners a Part 2 TBA.

The Traveler parades some excellent sounds abetted by a new rhythm section (Japanese bassist Kiyoshi Kitagawa and Cuban drummer Francisco Mela) and some very special guests.

Over 50 years of performance, Barron, who recently tutored our own Dr. Kathy Brown in New York, shows he still possess the touch, panache, grace, fire and empathy.

Riffin is heard live, Monday - Friday, 8:35pm @

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