Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dr. Kathy Brown chit-chats on Miami based jazz radio

Jamaican jazz keyboardist Dr. Kathy Brown chit-chatted on Saturday with Florida based radio 88.9FM WDNA jock Howard "Flagga" Duperly as the 'Serious Jazz' radio broadcasts live interviews from RIU Club Hotel Ocho Rios as part of its coverage of the Ocho Rios International Jazz Festival from the Jamaica's tourist resort.

Brown, a medical doctor, jazz pianist, recording artist, fielded posers from the Saturday afternoon Reggae Ride host on the musician's double career of medicine and music or vice versa.

Signicantly, in a chat aired to millions of WDNA FM listeners, the 'jazzy doctor' repeatedly emphasized a yen to perform her Caribbean tinged, contemporary jazz styling overseas whether be in jazz clubs or jazz festivals.

Dr. Kathy Brown, a staple on the Jamaican jazz circuit, released the seminal, CD Mission: A Musical Journey in 2007 and is currently working on material for her sophomore set.

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