Saturday, July 4, 2009

Purple Rain to close Montreaux Jazz Festival

The purists deem as sacrilegious the idea of pop concerting on traditional jazz festivals. But while they gripe Europe's most prestigious jazz festival as confirmed US pop icon Prince for a two-show set to close this year's Montreaux Jazz Festival.
Called a "musician of genius" by the organizers, the Purple Rain composer will be joined by Rhonda Smith, Renato Net and John Blackwell for two shows.

As reported by Reuters, Prince "last played at the Swiss event two years ago and then showed up at 3 a.m. to jam with his band at a late-night jazz cafe. That year, tickets sold out in a record 10 minutes for his performance at Stravinski Auditorium."

The 43rd staging of Montreaux, which began July 3 to end July 18th, also features Black Eyed Peas, B.B. King, Dave Matthews Band, Angelique Kidjo, Wyclef Jean and pianist Herbie Hancock in concert with Chinese pianist Lang Lang

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