Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jamie Cullum: Leaping At Monterey Jazz

As a child in the U.K., Jamie Cullum was obsessed with music from an early age, grew up with rock and pop and now studies jazz. He has just a touch of Sinatra in his voice, and, according to NPR's JazzSet host Dee Dee Bridgwater, he's all over the piano — under it, inside it, leaping off of it. A bit of an aerialist, quick-witted, charming and hyperkinetic. Cullum apparently did a totally focused set, a little of his usual stunts, in this his Monterey Jazz Festival debut.

A rave review declared Cullum as refreshing and entertaining, " it seems to mean even more when he slows down and sings a standard".

"People who have seen me play live and read things I've written will already know that I've got a very eclectic taste, but singing a song like 'What a Difference a Day Makes' — well, it is one of the hardest things you can do," Cullum says.

Fans of Jamie Callum, like this Offbeat blogger, through the courtesy of NPR Music, can hear the Monterey Jazz debut @

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