Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chamber Music Society tops Billboard Jazz Album Chart after Grammy awards

Chamber Music Society moves into #1 last week on the Billboard Jazz Album Charts following Esperanza Spalding bolt from the blue Best New Artist Grammy win.

Before the Grammy, Spalding’s third album, which is hailed among the US jazz community, peaked at #3 before put on a slide down the best-selling jazz album list. But, what a difference a Grammy makes in the life of a jazz bassist who only genre ficionados saw as the next big thing in jazz.

Still, Chamber Music Society was not nominated for a Grammy award and, including Spalding herself, almost none believed the little-known performer had a ghost of a chance to hold the statuette prize. No jazz artist as before won Grammy’s Best New Artist award.

Now a bemused music world not only is taking stock of jazz bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding but also is reaching out tangibly in making her the top-selling artist on Billboard over the fortnight and also placed the Heads Up CD at #34 – Billboard Top 200 (across genres), # 11 – Digital Album Chart (download), #16 – Tastemakers Album Chart (Independent Retailers), and moving up 42 positions to #5 on the based on listener's requests Jazz Week Radio Chart(see sidebar)

Twenty-eight weeks on chart, Chamber Music Society unseated the longstanding Crazy Love album (Michael Buble) at the top of the Billboard Jazz Album Chart. The Canadian’s latest album so far spent 73 on the US Chart.

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