Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kathy Brown launch Mission CD

Pianist Dr. Kathy Brown officially launches her debut CD Mission: A Musical Journey at a function on Wednesday 26th March at the exotic Villa Ronai.
First released in August 07 ahead of the pianist's first solo overseas performance at the Island Soul Festival in Toronto, The nine-track CD, which conveys influences of Latin American, South African and Jamaican music, has garnered flattering review both inside and outside Jamaica.

“ As the jazz, Latin jazz, and reggae station here in Miami, WDNA 88.9FM Serious Jazz prides itself on playing nothing but authentic music, and Mission: A Musical Journey fits the bill”, testified Howard “Flagga Duperly, disc jockey and Sales & marketing Manager at WDNA 88.9 FM.

According to the host of The Reggae Ride show, several hosts on WDNA FM, who program straight-ahead jazz, Latin jazz and reggae, are featuring various tracks from Kathy Brown’s album. Two radio stations in Toronto have been playing cuts from the CD ever since Brown's delightful performance in that city.
At home, interests in Mission: A Musical Journey have been fair where it is being play on the major eclectic music shows.

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